Just about coping

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Talking saves lives

Being a man of more words saved Bryan’s life

10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day. There’s no better time to let the men in your life know you’re there for them.

When he was finding the going really tough, Bryan made an attempt on his life.

Bryan had thought he needed to manage on his own but, thanks to a Movember funded project, he then discovered there was a way to get things off his chest – something that started him on the journey towards feeling better.

He still has bad days as well as good days, but reaching out made him realise people were there for him. Now he doesn’t feel so alone – and that makes all the difference.

It’s so important for men to know that help is there, and that talking can change so much. It saved Bryan’s life.

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Testicular Cancer


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Prostrate Cancer


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Time to Change

Time to Change

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Men's Health Forum

Men’s Health Forum

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