Covid-19 Lockdown

The Shed will CLOSE Tuesday 3rd November until the New Year

(date tbc)


Sleigh Ride with Poringland Shed

In a usual year Santa comes to our village centre but this year!

what with Covid and all its restrictions, it was thought too non compliant to encourage a massive crowd to gather.

After discussion with Santa and his Chief Elf and Safety Advisor it was decided that Santa would tour the village on his Sleigh.

No snow for Santa’s sleigh to glide over! What to do?
The Parish Council spoke to Poringland and District Shed Men’s Shed and in a wave of a saw and chisel plus a twinkle of fairy lights his Sleigh was made to fit on a wheeled trailer to be towed through the village with children gathered at vantage points to see him up close. Result!

it was decided that Santa would tour the village on his Sleigh.

PDMS makes DISC-O!

Poringland Shedders handing over the wooden discs to Tracey

PDMS were approached by Tracey Denmark (Forest School Leader) from Forest School (Seething) with a request for some wooden O shaped discs that could be painted by the children and hung on the school Christmas tree. As the shed was closed several shedders agreed to “WAH” and get them made! On Tuesday December 8th there was a socially distanced handover.


Yelverton Village Sign

Mark Philo adds Yelverton to his list of Village Signs

Mark Philo was delighted to see that Poringland Men’s Shed had recently refurbished the Village sign. Mark is cycling around Norfolk and taking a selfie beside each and every sign. Yelverton marked number 159 out of 500! 


South Norfolk Council – Over The Moon!

Helen taking delivery.

Henry Gowman writes….

We were asked to make Moons for the South Norfolk ‘One Awards’ to stand behind presenters on a large Zoom gathering.


Shed re-opens Saturday 4th July at 10:00 am

Please read this note from Henry .

Dear All,

I am delighted to tell you and hope that you are happy to hear the news, that our Shed will be opening as above.

A work party has been down the Shed for the last few days getting it ready for you, which has involved installing an outside sink for hand washing and erecting a covered outside area for an informal café. You will also notice lots of signage in accordance with the map above.

We will do our very best to run as normal but this is a ‘new normal’ and certain restrictions and requirements are in place – as you will see from the documents attached. There are ‘one way’ routes and ‘no entry’ areas to prevent people crossing over and so keeping the social distancing in place.  You MUST wear a mask at all times and you MUST do your very best to comply with social distancing. A ‘responsible person’ will be checking that standards are being maintained and if you refuse to comply with the requirements included in the documents above –  you will be asked to leave.

To simplify matters – on arrival you must wash your hands, wear a mask and thereafter make frequent use of the hand sanitizers.  Your temperature will be checked and you will be asked to sign a declaration that you are not unwell. You must bring your own drink or snack – nothing will be supplied. We will not be asking for attendance donations at this first session but a donation would be appreciated thereafter.  If you wish to still make your donation in cash then please put the correct money (£2 per session) in the yellow box as no change will be handled. Alternatively you can set up a standing order to pay your donations – see Steve’s demonstration below for details.

We have made the Shed as safe as we can, given our circumstances, and I sincerely hope that you will attend – I know it is a worrying time but life has to go on, or we’ll all go bonkers!  If you have any questions then please give me a ring.

I hope to see you soon –  with kind regards,





We are most grateful to  have been awarded a very generous grant from Norfolk Community Foundation’s “Handelsbaken Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund”


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Just some of the Community Projects we have completed