Refurbished writing box
“Bling 2021 figures” handover to South Norfolk Council
Refurbished Bench
Making decorated & illuminated 2021 numbers for an awards ceremony
Floating Duck House for Village pond
Finishing off a Book Swop Box for local village
Handing over the Sled
The owner, her son and granddaughter - the next pilot!
Norwegian sledge repaired
The auger made short work of making post holes
We needed water to make cement
All toads, frogs and newts were removed
Left a bit….right a bit….
Proud Peter who made the notice board.
Refurbished chair
Roll out the barrel!
Desktop modified
Ercol chairs repaired, cleaned and varnished.
Up cycling a childs writing desk.
Refurbishing Norwegian sledge
I know the right washer is here somewhere!