“Bling 2021 figures” handover to South Norfolk Council
Refurbished Bench
Making decorated & illuminated 2021 numbers for an awards ceremony
Floating Duck House for Village pond
Finishing off a Book Swop Box for local village
Handing over the Sled
The owner, her son and granddaughter - the next pilot!
Norwegian sledge repaired
Carved by Tim Mayhew
The auger made short work of making post holes
We needed water to make cement
All toads, frogs and newts were removed
Left a bit….right a bit….
Proud Peter who made the notice board.
Refurbished chair
Roll out the barrel!
Desktop modified
Ercol chairs repaired, cleaned and varnished.
Up cycling a childs writing desk.
Refurbishing Norwegian sledge
I know the right washer is here somewhere!