Membership Applications

Everyone is welcome to drop in and see what we are about and what we do. We have New Members Packs which give an overview available here or copies at The Shed. However to join us there are a few formalities.

Firstly you will need to complete a Membership Application Form. Don’t worry if you cannot print this off we have spare copies at at The Shed

PDMS Membership Application Form

Then, a “responsible person” will take you through your Induction

PDMS Induction Checklist

Also before you can use power tools and equipment you will need to be assessed by one of our “competent persons”. Once you have demonstrated you can use the equipment safely you will be “good to go”.

PDMS Equipment Competency Checklist

We have published our Members Handbook here. Please read this as it has some guidelines that we ask all members to follow. There is also a printed copy available to read at The Shed.


We have a  Financial Controls Policy which was adopted on 23rd April 2019 It can be viewed by following the link below

PDMS Financial Controls Policy

We have a constitution which was adopted in January 2017. This can be viewed by following the link below. Alternatively a printed copy is available at The Shed.

PDMS Constitution

We are insured with Zurich


We are a Registered Charity Number 1171564


As a Registered Charity we can claim Gift Aid on your donations. Members are invited to complete a “one off” multiple donation form. To view the form click here. Copies are available at The Shed